7th Axis Robot Transfer Slide

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7th Axis Drive Robot Transfer System
In order to address the needs of robot integrators, Motion Index Drives is eager to manufacture the 7th Axis Slide, or Robot Transfer Unit customized to fit your application.

Due to the low cost and high flexibility of Robotic Arms, they continue to be a popular choice in manufacturing. Robots are ideal for repetitive assembly operations, such as drilling, fastening, composite layup, welding, trimming, routing, painting and coating. Generally, they are mounted in a fixed location consequently limiting their reach. An additional axis is often required to make the robot more versatile.

Motion Index Drives can provide a heavy duty design to address this issue. It is equipped with high-precision helical rack & pinions that can handle the high dynamic loads and required accuracy. To extend the reach of the robotic arm, it is placed on a support carriage on a seventh axis slide and rack & pinions were chosen to drive the axis. By using rack & pinions in their modular base design, unlimited travel lengths could be achieved by mounting them end-to-end. Another advantage to seventh axis robotic slides is that more than one robotic arm can be placed on the same slide for additional productivity and flexibility.


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how we can customize your application please contact us or view our brochure.


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