Getting the Most Out of Limited Space with a Precision Link Conveyor

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Rotary indexing tables are the perfect solution for precision assemblies, however when the product has multiple components, a rotary indexing table can become cumbersome.

When components multiply, so does the size of the table, more often than not, taking up too much valuable real estate. At Motion Index Drives we pride ourselves on innovative solutions. To solve the issues of limited space we've created a line of precision indexing conveyors that produce the same speed and precision of a rotary table without taking up nearly as much real estate.

The conveyor consists of precision-machined aluminum links which are driven by a high-performance unit consisting of an index drive, hardened bevel gear reducer and a brake motor. Hardened dual drive sprockets guarantee a backlash-free motion transmission between the drive unit and conveyor chain links. Depending on several factors such as size, speed and design of the system, the conveyor can index as fast as 200 cycles per minute and position the pallets with an accuracy of up to +/- .006 inch.

The precision link conveyor can be built in many different configurations, from over under which places the links parallel with the floor to a carousel style which places them perpendicular. However, if you need something a little more custom with your design we have all the capabilities of delivering exactly what you need. On a recent project with Rush University we built a kidney shaped conveyor to meet their specific needs, further pushing the envelope of what precision indexing devices can be perceived as.

When your automation system requires a precision indexer but lack of space makes a rotary indexer impractical, consider implementing a Motion Index Drives precision indexing conveyor system.


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