Guaranteed Controls for Your Rotary Index Table Applications

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Rotary Index Drive VFD Controls

Motion Index Drives has taken on the responsibility, usually put on the integrator or end customer, to assure our customer's rotary index drive control panels are commissioned correctly.

Our trained service technicians perform complete testing of control panels including loading, parameters and tuning. We have become a one stop supply for control panels and rotary index tables, ensuring that the VFD is programmed to the motor and table per customer requirements. If your application requires a specific drive manufacturer, we can accommodate your needs.

By relying on Motion Index Drives to supply your rotary index table with a pre-programmed VFD panel, you reduce the risk of setting incorrect parameters which will damage  mechanical components within the index table. Most mechanical failures occur due to incorrect parameter settings input in the VFD. Accelerations, deceleration, stop times, incorrect tuning plays a factor in to improper operation. Ordering the entire application from one source also reduces project management cost and time by issuing one purchase order for control panel and indexing equipment.

Motion Index Drives, following ISO procedures, documents parameter settings that have been programmed so we can trouble shoot any future problems that may arise when our equipment is in production.



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