Rotary Index Table with Robot Integration

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RT400 Robot Base for Rotary Index Table Integration

Recently, Motion was given the opportunity to custom design a standard RT400/4/300 Rotary Index Drive with an integrated robot base. The process involved robotically applied products during a spray (paint) process used in an explosion proof environment.

Robot Integrated Rotary Indexer Robot Integrated Rotary Indexer

Motion Index Drives is always striving to accommodate customer specifications through customized solutions. We were able to meet their needs by custom designing the base so the robot can be mounted in the center stationary post of the index drive that was custom engineered for the customer’s robot. This was designed for multiple offsets of mounting locations with an explosion proof drive system. 

Benefits of this design includes not having to relocate or reprogram the robot since they are all one piece. It is controlled by a simple open loop VFD controller and explosion proof ac motor.


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