RTF Rotary Indexer

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Reliable, robust, and freely programmable

Motion Index Drives new line of flexible rotary indexers, the RTF rotary index table series stands out for its excellent flexibility. The freely programmable RTF combines flexible movement processes with a robust design, durability, and high torque levels. It differs from the RTX rotary indexer series thanks to a customer supplied AC servo motor which can be attached to the interface of the worm gear.

In addition, the RTF has a drive curve with constant gradient. This allows it to position large loads dynamically, with a freely selectable angle. The drive angle and acceleration can be freely selected along with other parameters, allowing them to be adapted specifically to current loads.

All RTF rotary indexers are freely programmable, and can be used in almost any application in the production industry, from the small gear sector to heavyduty applications. They can control any number of stations with the highest level of precision.

Thanks to this flexibility, RTF rotary indexers are especially well-suited for automated production processes where it is necessary to change the motion sequence (such as in the automotive industry). Currently, RTFs are available in five different sizes.

Advantages of the RTF series:
  • Reliable, robust drum cam roundtable
    for all applications
  • Construction diameter 100 mm – 285 mm
  • Individually programmable
  • High flexibility through NC-Technik
  • Mechanical interface on screw drive with freely
    selectable connection for customer servo motor
  • Large, vertically hollow shaft
Technical benefits for users
  • High torques
  • Ideal for high loads
  • High accuracy without and with
    absolute encoder (optional)
  • Four-point mounting at the outer diameter
    of the output flange
  • Maintenance free through oil bath lubrication
  • All installation positions possible

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