Stainless Steel Indexing Devices for Food Processing

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stainless steel conveyor

Today, a variety of foods are processed and packaged on stainless steel conveyors such as meat, fish, poultry, nuts, fruits, juice drinks and many more. The benefits of using stainless steel indexing devices over alternative material for these applications is the stainless steel links ability to operate in a variety of conditions from extreme heat, humidity or cold.

The Motion Index Drives Stainless Steel Precision Link Indexing device is manufactured to meet and exceed requirements established for “wash” down environments conducive to food processing facilities.

To eliminate food borne bacteria, automation equipment endures heavy wash downs on regular basis that most of the time contain heavy corrosive chemicals that would corrode standard steel components.

View our White Paper for more information on our custom Stainless Steel Precision Link Conveyors.





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