Strategic Partnerships

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Entering into a strategic Vendor/Customer partnership should be beneficial to both parties involved with such an arrangement.  With the intent of customer bringing the vendor more business, the vendor should be diligent to invest a percentage of those returns to developing products that will improve the efficiencies of their customer.  This investment can be in the form of engineering new products, improving delivery time, hiring more resources, reduction of cost to pass along to the customer.

More often than not “Strategic Partnerships” become interchangeable with “I use this product because I don’t want to change” or “I am familiar with the product”.  The strategic partnerships that these customers are engaged in have become complacent and receive no additional value from the vendor.

At Motion Index Drives we value these “Strategic Partnerships” and over the years have nurtured these relationships by giving back in the form of value added products, reduction in costs, new advancements in standard products, additional content to relieve project management responsibility for our customers.

In addition we added resources to assist at the integration/commissioning process to minimize downtime that has resulted from incorrectly commissioned indexing machines being put into production.  In most cases we are able to catch these commissioning errors prior to end customer run offs.

As a standard ISO9000 procedure we conduct our own internal checklist for our strategic partners.  During the commissioning process we provide and extensive check of mechanical and electrical characteristics of each application.   From the initial process of reviewing the design to calculate the mass moment of inertia properly to checking the parameter settings in the variable frequency drives to ensure the drive has been tuned correctly and the acceleration and deceleration rates are set to our calculations.

One of the most important values we give to our “Strategic Partners” is offering custom designed and engineered products without charging fees for designs and minor changes in these designs.

Below are five examples of products that our “Strategic Partners” asked us to design and engineer.  These products were designed to achieve a very specific function for these five different customers

RT250 Special Trunnion for Powertrain Applications

RT250 Trunnion

Custom engineered walking beam for Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Custom Walking Beam

Stainless steel precision indexing link conveyor for Food Industry

Stainless steel precision indexing link conveyor

Custom multi axis indexing device for Medical Industry

multi axis indexing device

Custom engineered programmable high precision lift and rotate for Automotive Industry


programmable high precision lift and rotate


Ben Talan
Motion Index Drives


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