TMF Series Flexible Servo Driven Rotary Index Tables

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The New Standard for 100% Programmable/Servo DRIVEN Indexing in Rotary index Table Drives

In order to increase the strength of the index table, the TMF Series was designed to be a completely flexible solution. This allows for a minimum of 4 oversized cam followers to be engaged with the barrel cam at all times. The indexer is driven directly via a gear motor that can utilize either an AC motor with encoder or servo. Both options provide very high accuracy (less than 10 arc seconds) and allow for the indexer to be driven via a dedicated or robot rotary index table drive.

The rotary index table transforms a constant input drive motion into a constant output drive motion. The drive motion occurs by means of a hardened and high-accuracy constant lead barrel cam. The use of mathematical laws of motion along with a properly programmed motor profile guarantee a soft, shock proof, and jerk free movement that has been optimally designed for its intended purpose. The design allows for accurate and secure mounting to the output dial. The preload of the cam to the cam followers in dwell ensures the top dial is backlash free. No additional adjustment of the output dial is necessary. It is designed specifically for inspection and servicing by making the cam followers removable from the top so tooling does not have to be removed. A large doghouse access from side of frame through center hole allows for utilities to feed  entire shafts through, and not just small wiring looms.

The power to rotate the index drive is provided either by means of a three phase AC motor with encoder, coupled to a gear reducer, or a servo motor coupled to a gear reducer. The gear reducer is connected to the input shaft which is firmly connected to the internal barrel cam with no further internal gearing. The barrel cam in turn rotates the top dial through the cam followers with a zero backlash internal design. The output dial is mounted to a wire bearing assembly (4 point contact bearing), which is preloaded to eliminate any run out. The index drive is completely sealed to eliminate intrusion from foreign particulate.

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