Custom Engineered Welding Positioners

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Motion Index Drives designed and manufactured two welding positioners for our customer that were required to support 25,000 pounds each and index the frame and tooling structure in 90-degree increments. 

The head stock drive is a standard Motion Index Drives RT400 fixed 4 position, 90-degree indexer.  The tail stock is a heavy-duty pillow block system with a safety lockout mechanism and the grounding kit for the welding application.



The application called for a 90-degree index and it will always be a 90-degree index, therefore, we designed in the fixed indexer package.

If the application called for different positions we would have designed in the freely programmable version of the same RT400 indexer, it would then be driven by an aux axis servo motor or complete servo motor and control package.

slip rig

The Motion Index Drives fixed indexer package that we are supplying will give an Accuracy of +/- 18 arc seconds.

If the application called for a freely programmable welding positioner system, the zero-backlash condition of the indexer and reducer we would supply, would give a repeatability of single digit arc seconds.

In either case, the need to have a shot pin or wedge lock to control the repeatability is NOT needed.  Some technology out there state they can accurately position tooling, but that is not the case and a wedge lock system is always required.

Motion Index Drives is here to help you come up with the best solution for indexing dial applications, trunnions, dual trunnions, Precision Link Conveyors as well as robot transfer units.  Please reach out to us at Motion Index Drives, and our expert staff can guide you to the best solution for your requirement.


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